Top 5 Podiatry Burs

Podiatry Burs are an amazing tool that every Podiatrist should utilise in their work. They increase treatment efficiency, reduce manual workload and improve the clinical results achieved. 

With a wide range of burs on the market, it’s hard to know where to start when you’re looking to try a new bur. In an effort to help you make the next step in your professional capabilities, we’ve compiled our list of the Top 5 Podiatry Burs on the market today!

Podiatry Burr lineup

1. Diamond Bur - Bud Shape

The basic Bud shaped Diamond bur is the standard workhorse bur for many Podiatrists. It offers a great introduction to using burs due to its forgiving nature, and is the preferred bur for many experienced Podiatrists because of the amazing finished result it provides.

Maybe it’s because this is the bur style many Podiatrists train with. Maybe it’s because the Bud Diamond Bur is an extremely versatile bur style.  Whichever way you see it; many Podiatrists are comfortable and confident with their ability to perform with this bur.

2. Ceramic Bur - Bud Shape

Ceramic Burs are the new technology on the Podiatry Bur market. They offer a few remarkable improvements over the standard bur compositions such as a reduced tendency to heat up and cause discomfort to your client, increased control and a resistance to clogging with nail polish or debris. 

By learning how to use Ceramic burs in a shape that you’re comfortable with (like the bud shaped bur), Podiatrists will readily recognise the benefits of the Ceramic Bur over other compositions.

3. Tungsten Bur - Regular Shape

Tungsten Burs are the bur of choice when a Podiatrist desires a bit more abrasive capability from their burs. They are very comparable to Ceramic Burs in their abrasive capability; however, they have a tendency to heat up – much like Diamond Burs. Don’t let that put you off though. The huge upside of increased efficiency means that not many Podiatrists go back to Diamond burs after trying Tungsten burs!

Once again, trailing this bur in the ‘Regular’ shape will have Podiatrists feeling comfortable in no time at all. The increased treatment efficiency will be a welcomed change!

4. Ceramic Bur - Barrel Shape

Barrel shaped Burs are as efficient as they come. Using one in the Ceramic composition is eye-opening for the most seasoned barrel bur user! It truly maximises efficiency through the extremely large surface area in combination with the Ceramic traits of heat accumulation resistance and abrasive power.

This Bur is definitely worth trying if you experience a high frequency of labour intensive cases in your clinic.

5. Carbide Cutter - Fine

Carbide Cutters are a relatively unknown Podiatry bur style that offers a range of benefits – most of which are unknown to the Podiatry community. The nature of their abrasion produces larger particle sizes, reducing the amount of dangerous nail dust aerosol that remains suspended in the air and, potentially in Podiatrist’s lungs. 

They’re extremely effective at removing nail polish and handle large burring jobs with ease. The only drawback with this style of bur is due to their extreme removal capability – the finished surface of the nail may not be as smooth as desired. This can be quickly remedied with a quick diamond bur or hand file touch-up!

There you have it – The top 5 Burs in Podiatry today.  Every Podiatrist will be different in their preference for different tool of the trade but these top 5 Podiatry burs are a great place to start if you haven’t tried some of the burs on the list.