Ceramic Podiatry Bur – Barrel

Barrel Ceramic Bur Features

  •         Enhanced control
  •         Incredible broad side efficiency
  •         Heat resistance
  •         Clog-resistant Double-Cut technology
  •         Hypoallergenic

Head length: 11mm
Head diameter: 6mm

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The basic Barrel Podiatry Bur used widely in clinics across Australia and the world has been upgraded to keep up with the latest in burring technology.

Ceramic Podiatry Burs are one of the latest developments that you should be aware of when you’re looking to buy Podiatry Burs for your clinic.

Offering increased resistance to residual heat accumulation, Podiatrists can use ceramic burs to complete a more efficient and effective treatment experience. The client experience is also enhanced through these developments.

The traditional Barrel shape of this bur is one which has been loved by Podiatrists for years due to its extremely broad nature. This shape allows labour intensive treatments to be completed at an enhanced rate.

Coarse Double-Cut technology allows faster abrasion of acrylic and gel nails, as well as diseased natural nails, due to the clogging resistant nature of this bur.

When Podiatrists are exploring the Podiatry Bur market to invest in their clinic and buy podiatry burs, they can fall into the trap of buying the same bur they have purchased in previous years. This leaves the burring capability of the clinic behind the pack. Make sure you’re aware of the latest developments, like ceramic burs, when you’re buying new Podiatry burs!

Ceramic Podiatry Bur – Barrel

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs =$142.07 (Save $7.48 ), 10 x Burs =$278.15 (Save $20.94 ), 20 x Burs =$538.36 (Save $59.82 )