Carbide Cutter Podiatry Burs

Carbide Cutter Podiatry Burs are composed of a carbide head on a stainless steel shaft. As the name implies, Carbide Cutter burs work by ‘cutting’ away the surface they’re applied to.

The tough Carbide and stainless steel composition results in a bur with a long lifetime in the Podiatry clinic.

Although they’re available with a range of abrasion levels, Carbide Cutters are generally very effective at any job they’re tasked with. Even ‘Fine’ Carbide cutters are an effective style of bur that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Carbide Cutter podiatry burs
A selection of Podiatry Burs Australia's Carbide Cutter Burs

To say that they will always increase your efficiency in the clinic may be misleading though – the finishing capability of the coarser carbide cutters may leave a rough surface which requires smoothing by a finer style of bur such as a Diamond Dust bur.

As with all Podiatry burs, your burring style, finesse and capabilities will determine how efficient you will be in the clinic with this type of bur.

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