What Affects Podiatry Bur Quality?

There are many different factors which affect the quality of your Podiatry burs.

It’s important that you educate yourself on the facets which make a bur perform well in your Podiatry clinic so you know what to look for.


  • Cheap Podiatry burs are made using cheaper components. This cost-cutting approach results in a sub-par product with a reduced lifetime, performance and safety rating.
  • The shank may be composed of ferrous steel which is susceptible to rust and degradation, exposing the Podiatrist to additional hazards
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  • Poor quality burs aren’t composed in a precise manner. The weight and positioning of the head may be off centre which can affect the stability of the bur while in use. This makes the job of a Podiatrist extremely difficult and exposes their clients to the hazards too.
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  • The cutting pattern on the head of the bur may not be uniform. This makes the ‘finish’ produced by the bur rough and uneven and can also affect the stability of the bur while in use.
  • The shank width may be inconsistent causing the bur to ‘slip’ while in use. This causes unnecessary strain on your drill.

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