Diamond Bur Information

Diamond Dust Podiatry Burs are burs which use diamond grit to create the abrasive head of the bur. This type of bur is generally the first type of bur Podiatrists are introduced to on their professional journey. A forgiving but capable style of bur that is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and abrasion levels.

Diamond burs are composed of a head bonded with Diamond grit particles on a stainless steel shaft. They’re an excellent generalist bur capable of getting most jobs done in the Podiatry clinic.

Podiatry Burs Australia Diamond Burrs
A selection of Podiatry Burs Australia's Diamond Burs

A drawback of Diamond burs in comparison to Tungsten or Ceramic burs is their creation of finer debris which may result in aerosol type particulate. If inhaled, this can be harmful – always use Personal Protective Equipment when burring.

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