How Can I Improve My Burring Technique?

In the early stages of your Podiatry career there are many skills that you need to develop in order to become the highly proficient Podiatrist you dream of being.

One of the more difficult skills to develop is burring.

To help you become a better Podiatrist today, we’ve put together a few pointers. Read on to fast track your professional development!

Seek out mentorship

Don’t be afraid to ask the senior Podiatrists in your clinic for help and guidance when those though cases present themselves.

If you don’t feel comfortable, search your LinkedIn network or alumni – you’re sure to know a Podiatrist that is able to give you a helping hand!  

Tungsten Podiatry Burrs
A small hint or tip might be all it takes to help you become a better bur user and better Podiatrist.

Practice, Practice

Some Podiatrists go to extreme lengths to avoid burring because they’re not confident in their ability to achieve the desired clinical outcomes.

Avoiding the things that you’re bad at in the clinic will never help you to become a better Podiatrist.

Why not accept the challenge and make the first step towards becoming a better professional today?

Rugular Tungsten Bur in drill

And Practice Some More!

tungsten Burr and drill

If you’re really hesitant to practice your burring technique on patients, balsa wood is a great (and safe!) alternative.

Balsa wood mimics the density of human fingernails making it an excellent medium to practice your burring technique in a safe environment.

It’s relatively cheap and you can easily find it at any hardware store


It might be best to combine this tip with the ‘Balsa wood practice’ method suggested above!

Don’t be afraid to try all of the different shapes, varieties and abrasion levels available.

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of different Podiatry burs available – why not try a few different ones?


Diamond Burrs

Burring is just like any other clinical skill – it takes practice. Through making a conscious effort to develop professionally by utilising the above tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to growing into the Podiatrist you hope to be!