Tungsten Podiatry Burs

Tungsten Podiatry Burs are composed of a Tungsten Carbide head with a stainless steel shaft, resulting in a tough dynamic bur with a range of effective utilisations.

Tungsten Burs are most similar to Ceramic Burs in the Podiatry arena – they have a comparable cutting power, slightly longer lifetime and also create larger particles resulting in reduced aerosol creation.

The cutting power of Tungsten burs allows extensive jobs to be completed at a rapid pace. Podiatrists will appreciate the difference if they have only used Diamond Dust Podiatry Burs in the past. In these cases, the increased abrasion is noticeable.

Podiatry Burs Australia Tungsten Burrs
A selection of Podiatry Burs Australia's Tungsten Burs

Tungsten carbide is an extremely durable material, allowing the bur to keep its cutting edge after many uses.

The particles created by Tungsten burs are formed by a ‘chipping’ motion resulting in larger pieces of nail debris being created. By minimising the fine aerosol type particles that are created when burring, Podiatrists are reducing the risk of inhaling these harmful materials.

Remember to always use Personal Protective Equipment when you’re practicing in your clinic.

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