Diamond Podiatry Bur – Regular Bud

Regular Bud Diamond Burs

  •         Smooth finish
  •         Autoclave safe
  •         Ultrasonic cleaner safe
  •         Economic solution
  •         Rounded edges

Head length: 12mm
Head diameter: 8mm [at base]


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Bud shaped diamond burs are one of the fundamental type of burs used by Podiatrists in clinics across Australia and the world.

The Bud shape and diamond dust composition make this style of bur a safe and flexible addition to your Podiatry Instrument kits.

The nature of Diamond dust burs to leave an extremely smooth finish is not lost on our Regular Bur diamond bur. By combining this characteristic with the ability to debride nails efficiently, we have developed an extremely versatile bur that will excel in a variety of clinical conditions.

An economic bur which delivers exceptional results in your Podiatry clinic – what more could you ask for?

The balance achieved through the head and shaft results in a bur with incredible handling and minimal vibration – giving your client’s the best clinical experience.

We’re confident that you and your clients will love our Regular Bur Diamond Bur as much as we do. So confident that we back them with a 12month manufacturer’s warranty. You can bet that you’ve made the right choice when you buy diamond burs for your clinic from Podiatry Burs Australia.

Diamond Bur – Regular Bud

1 x Bud, 5 x Burs = $62.61 (Save $3.30 ), 10 x Burs = $122.59 (Save $9.23 ), 20 x Burs = $237.27 (Save $26.36 ), 50 x Burs = $593.10 (Save $65.90 )