Durable Burs for the modern Podiatrist

Durable Burs for the modern Podiatrist

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Podiatry Bur Categories

Ceramic Burs

Ceramic Podiatry burs are composed of a ceramic head, generally with stainless steel shaft. This creates a bur which has many favourable properties when compared to other Podiatry burs.

The type of ceramic used to form the head of the bur, Zirconia, is an excellent material to make a bur with due to its very high resistance to crack propagation.  

This means that the cutting surface of the bur maintains its edge, even after repeated use. Podiatry clinics depend on their bur’s strength and resilience to be able to withstand daily utilisation in the Podiatry clinic.

Diamond Burs

Diamond Dust Podiatry Burs are burs which use diamond grit to create the abrasive head of the bur. 

This type of bur is generally the first type of bur Podiatrists are introduced to on their professional journey. A forgiving but capable style of bur that is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and abrasion levels.

Diamond burs are composed of a head bonded with Diamond grit particles on a stainless steel shaft. They’re an excellent generalist bur capable of getting most jobs done in the Podiatry clinic.

Tungsten Burs

Tungsten Podiatry Burs are composed of a Tungsten Carbide head with a stainless steel shaft, resulting in a tough dynamic bur with a range of effective utilisations.

Tungsten Burs are most similar to Ceramic Burs in the Podiatry arena – they have a comparable cutting power, slightly longer lifetime and also create larger particles resulting in reduced aerosol creation.

The cutting power of Tungsten burs allows extensive jobs to be completed at a rapid pace. 

Podiatrists will appreciate the difference if they have only used Diamond Dust Podiatry Burs in the past. In these cases, the increased abrasion is noticeable.

Carbide Cutter Burs

Carbide Cutter Podiatry Burs are composed of a carbide head on a stainless steel shaft. As the name implies, Carbide Cutter burs work by ‘cutting’ away the surface they’re applied to.

The tough Carbide and stainless steel composition results in a bur with a long lifetime in the Podiatry clinic.

Although they’re available with a range of abrasion levels, Carbide Cutters are generally very effective at any job they’re tasked with. Even ‘Fine’ Carbide cutters are an effective style of bur that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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