Podiatry Bur Sterilisation Information

Can Podiatry Burs Be Sterilised?

Yes, all burs available on PodiatryBurs.com.au are autoclave safe and can be used time after time in your clinic.

Remember to car for your burs as you would care for the rest of your instruments and they’ll provide a long service lifetime.

Read our Caring for your Burs page for more information on sterilising and maximising the lifetime of your Podiatry burs.

Tungsten Burr

Podiatry Bur Sterilisation Procedure

Tungsten Burr

First: Remove the debris

    • Remove the debris adhered to the bur by briefly soaking the burs in a disinfection solution. This style of solution is not required at this stage but it assists in maintaining a hygienic environment to complete your podiatry bur sterilisation process.
    • Briefly soaking the burs assists in loosening the debris adhered to the surface of the bur. To fully remove the debris, use a fine nylon brush to minimise damage to the bur

Secondarily: Sterilise

    • Sterilise the burs according to your local governing body’s instructions
    • Avoid using temperatures and pressures which exceed these requirements

www.podiatryburs.com.au has provided this knowledge with the best intentions. Do your due diligence and uphold the regulations applicable to you. We cannot accept any liability for the use of this guide

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