Tungsten Podiatry Bur – Pointed Bud

Pointed Bud Tungsten Bur Features

  •         Engineered for durability
  •         Unique shape
  •         Autoclave/Ultrasonic cleaner safe
  •         Double-Cut technology
  •         Superior control
  •         ‘Clog’ resistant
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Podiatry burs Australia’s Pointed Bud Tungsten bur has been designed to appeal to a wide range of Podiatrists and clinical caseloads.

The unique shape presents both a broadside to utilise for bulk burring tasks, and a precision tip to target intricate and delicate areas of the nail. The combination allows most cases experienced to be completed effectively by the Podiatrist while maintaining maximal client comfort.

With an emphasis on balance throughout the design, engineering and manufacture process, vibration is minimised. This allows the Podiatrist to complete burring in a precise and client-centred manner.

The high grade of materials used within Podiatry Burs Australia’s Tungsten bur range enhances the effective lifetime of our burs. The cutting surface is specifically engineered to maintain its ‘edge’ for an extended period of repeated use, making our Tungsten burs range an economic and enduring addition to your clinic.

Podiatry Burs Australia understands the tough requirements of sterilisation and cleaning procedures. We’ve engineered every bur in our range to withstand the tough conditions expected to be experienced in Podiatry clinics such as Autoclave and Ultrasonic cleaning environments. We’re so confident that our burs will withstand years of use that we stand behind a no-questions-asked 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Tungsten Bur – Pointed Bud

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs =$115.30 (Save $6.07 ), 10 x Burs =$225.74 (Save $16.99 ), 20 x Burs =$436.91 (Save $48.55 )