Tungsten Podiatry Bur – Accurate

Point Tungsten Bur Features

  •         Engineered for durability
  •         Unique shape
  •         Autoclave/Ultrasonic cleaner safe
  •         Double-Cut technology
  •         Superior control
  •         ‘Clog’ resistant
  •         Slimline design

Head length: 8mm
Head diameter: 4mm

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Podiatry Burs Australia’s Point shaped Tungsten Podiatry Bur is one of our many Precision style burs designed to offer a durable option in the delicate precision bur space.

This bur style utilises a low profile slimline design, allowing the Podiatrist to maintain a high level of vision on the task at hand.

The total head size has been minimised to maximise the accuracy Podiatrists can achieve when using this bur. The coarse Double-Cut design has been maintained in this compact head design, allowing efficient debriding with amazing control.

Extremely durable Tungsten materials have been used within the head of this bur resulting in a bur which maintains its ‘edge’ use after use after use. This long lifetime makes Tungsten burs an economic choice for your clinic.

Cleaning via Sonicating and extensive Autoclave testing has been a basic testing procedure for the full Podiatry Burs Australia’s range of burs. Every bur has been painstakingly designed and engineered for performance in the toughest Podiatry clinical conditions. We’re so confident that our burs will stand up to your toughest clinical conditions that we uphold a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty on all or our burs.

Tungsten Bur – Accurate

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs =$103.20 (Save $5.43 ), 10 x Burs =$202.06 (Save $15.21 ), 20 x Burs =$391.09 (Save $43.45 )