Diamond Podiatry Bur – Small Barrel

Small Barrel Diamond Bur Features

  • Slimline design
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Smooth finish
  • Efficient broad-side capability

Head length: 5mm
Head diameter: 3mm

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Small Barrel Diamond Burs are an exciting variation of that basic Barrel bur that you know and love.


The reduced overall size of this version of barrel shaped diamond bur allows Podiatrists to achieve a greater level of control and accuracy.


With a broad side that is still capable of completing larger jobs at an efficient pace, the reduced size enables greater vision of the target area and heightens the ability of Podiatrists to target portions of the nail accurately.


Diamond burs are known for their ability to achieve a smooth finish – this bur is no exception. Incorporating a respectable level of abrasive ability was an important consideration when designing this bur. The result is a novel diamond bur capable of excelling in the most difficult clinical cases.


Completely Ultrasonic cleaner and Autoclave safe, every bur in the Australia Podiatry Burs range will withstand everything your clinic demands. We guarantee that with our 12 month manufacturer’s warranty so you can be sure that you have the best Podiatry burs in your tool kit!

Diamond Bur – Small Barrel

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs = $66.93 (Save $3.52 ), 10 x Burs = $131.05 (Save $9.86 ), 20 x Burs = $253.64 (Save $28.18 )