Diamond Podiatry Bur – Small Bud

Small Bud Diamond Burs

  •         Smooth finish
  •         Autoclave safe
  •         Ultrasonic cleaner safe
  •         Economic solution
  •         Rounded edges

Head length: 10mm
Head diameter: 5mm

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Bud shaped diamond Podiatry burs are a great generalist bur – they can do pretty much anything in the Podiatry clinic.

Podiatry burs Australia’s Small Bur gives Podiatrists a great go-to option in their clinic. With a broad-side and precision end, the capabilities of this bur style are endless.

Diamond burs have the capability of providing an extremely smooth finish every time due to their relatively fine nature. Don’t be fooled though, Podiatry Burs Australia Diamond Burs all possess a reasonable debridement capability.

Our Small Bud Diamond Bur provides an economic bur option that delivers exceptional clinical results.

All Podiatry Burs Australia’s range of burs is covered by our 12 month warranty. You can buy podiatry burs in confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products. The care taken throughout the entire design and engineering process gives us the ability to give you this peace of mind

Thorough cleaning and sanitisation process are a fundamental part of our longevity testing procedures. All burs in the Podiatry Burs Australia are subjected to this stream of testing and our Small bur Diamond burs are no exception. They’re completely ultrasonic cleaner and Autoclave safe.

Diamond Bur – Small Bud

1 x Bud, 5 x Burs = $58.30 (Save $3.07 ), 10 x Burs = $114.14 (Save $8.59 ), 20 x Burs = $220.91 (Save $24.55 )