Diamond Podiatry Bur – Pointed Bud

Pointed bud Diamond Bur Features

  •         Precision tip
  •         Smooth finish
  •         Autoclave safe
  •         Ultrasonic cleaner safe
  •         Enhanced control

Head length: 13mm
Head diameter: 7mm

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For Podiatrists that like Bud shaped burs, but desire an increased level of precision, Podiatry Burs Australia has added the Pointed Bud Diamond bur to our range.

Featuring a large broad-side for completing bulk burring (much like a Bud shaped bur) with an increased level of precision via a more prominent point.

This bur allows Podiatrists to complete a wide range of clinical cases experienced in the Podiatry practice.

Our Diamond burs provide an excellent smooth finish, balanced with a capable debridement nature resulting in an exceptional Podiatry bur.

Our 12 month manufacturer’s warranty covers the entire Podiatry Burs Australia range – instilling our confidence in our products. A rigorous performance and durability testing process is completed on all burs before they’re released to the market.

Our range is fully Autoclave safe and has been tested to withstand ultrasonic cleaning processes – sanitize in confidence!

Diamond Bur – Pointed Bud

1 x Bud, 5 x Burs = $75.57 (Save $3.98 ), 10 x Burs = $147.95 (Save $11.14 ), 20 x Burs = $286.36 (Save $31.82 )