Diamond Podiatry Bur – Rounded Barrel

Rounded Barrel Diamond Bur Features

  • Safe rounded end
  • Efficient broadside
  • Smooth finish
  • Moderate abrasive capability

Head length: 10mm
Head diameter: 4mm

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Another variation of the Barrel Diamond Bur is the Rounded Diamond Bur.

This style of bur is similar to the Basic Barrel diamond bur, with the addition of curved edges. These edges minimise the risk of client injury, allowing Podiatrists to practice with confidence.

Rounded Barrel Burs incorporate the extended broad side that is extremely beneficial for increasing clinical efficiency.

The composition of diamond burs results in a smooth finish patients love. Balanced with a level of abrasion that still allows Podiatrists to complete the tough jobs fast, diamond burs from Podiatry Burs Australia are a great addition to your clinic.

We know that you’ll love your burs purchased from Podiatry Burs Australia – so much so that we stand behind our products with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. You can buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from the market leader who backs themselves.

Diamond Bur – Rounded Barrel

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs = $66.93 (Save $3.52 ), 10 x Burs = $131.05 (Save $9.86 ), 20 x Burs = $253.64 (Save $28.18 )