Ceramic Podiatry Bur – Accurate

Accurate Ceramic Bur Features

  •         Enhanced control
  •         Heat resistance
  •         Double-Cut technology
  •         Hypoallergenic
  •         Exact burring capabilities

Head length: 14mm
Head diameter: 4mm

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Introducing the latest Podiatry Bur breakthrough – Ceramic Podiatry Burs.

Ceramic Burs offer a healthy level of debridement capability while minimising the residual heat build-up in the head of the bur. This allows Podiatrists to use this style of bur for extended periods without the need to ‘rest’ the bur to manage excess heat.

The unique shape of our Accurate Ceramic Bur allows Podiatrists to achieve success across a wide range of cases. A precision tip allows intricate burring, while the large broad side of the bur presents a large surface to complete bulk debridement of nails.

As with all of Podiatry Burs Australia’s ceramic Podiatry burs, Podiatrists can achieve a higher level of precision and control due to the reduced weight in the head of the bur.

The Double-Cut technology results in a heightened resistance to debris build up in within the cutting surface of the bur, making this ceramic bur an effective option when diseased nails or artificial nails are encountered.

Before you buy Podiatry burs for your practice, be sure to educate yourself on the range of burs that are available on the bur market today. Podiatry is a rapidly evolving field – don’t be left behind using yesterday’s bur technology!

Ceramic Podiatry Bur – Accurate

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs =$142.07 (Save $7.48 ), 10 x Burs =$278.15 (Save $20.94 ), 20 x Burs =$538.36 (Save $59.82 )