What Are Podiatry Burs?​

Podiatry Burs are a tool frequently used in the treatment of many foot ailments.

They come in many different shapes and sizes like ‘Bud’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Precision’, with each variation having its own strengths and weaknesses.

Burs are also made using different materials which lend different properties to the burs thy make. Examples of the different types of bur are Diamond, Tungsten or Ceramic burs. 

Ceramin Podiatry Burrs
Diamond Burrs

Finishing Burs

Although these burs can be used to complete bulk burring, their strength lies in their ability to leave a smooth, uniform finish on the nail. 

An example of this would be a fine Diamond bur.

Cutting Burs

These types of burs excel at the bulk work required when burring a nail. They’re generally more abrasive and ‘chip’ away larger chunks of nail, completing the task at an increased rate. 

As these burs debride the nail using a ‘chipping’ motion, the finish they leave can be slightly rougher than that left by a fine diamond bur. 

An example of this type of bur may be a Carbide Cutter

Carbide Cutter podiatry burrs
Tungsten Podiatry Burrs

Hybrid Burs

These are the burs that tend to balance the capability to complete a task efficiently and the ability to leave a smooth finish. 

An example of these types of burs may be a moderately abrasive Ceramic bur or Tungsten Bur.

What does this mean for Podiatrists?

Over time, Podiatrists tend to develop a preference for one type and shape of bur over another. This may be dictated by what would be considered the ‘typical patient’ in their caseload, their experience with each bur and the mentorship they receive with each bur.

The best type of Podiatry bur for a Podiatrist is the bur that they feel most comfortable and confident using!