Tungsten Podiatry Bur – Super Accurate

Super Accurate Tungsten Bur Features

  •         Engineered for durability
  •         Precise capability
  •         Autoclave/Ultrasonic cleaner safe
  •         Double-Cut technology
  •         ‘Clog’ resistant

Head length: 10mm
Head diameter: 2mm

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Podiatry Burs Australia’s Super Accurate Tungsten Podiatry Bur is designed to offer a durable option in the delicate precision bur space.

Super Accurate Burs are seldom available in a durable Tungsten composition, meaning that they’re a style of bur that is frequently required to be replaced.

When you buy Tungsten Podiatry burs in a precision shape, you’re making a lasting investment in your clinic’s Podiatry instrument range and your Podiatrist’s capabilities.

This enhances your clinic’s client experience levels, and your reputation!

Tungsten Podiatry Burs are engineered for longevity and performance.

The attention to detail throughout the design and manufacturing process maximises bur lifetime and performance. Poorly designed and produced burs results in increased vibration due to the lack of balance achieved within the bur.

By sparing no expense in the materials used within the head of Podiatry Burs Australia’s entire bur range, the effective lifetime of the cutting edge is maximised.

Double-Cut technology prevents ‘clogging’ of the cutting surface, permitting the effective treatment of thick natural nails and artificial nails such as gel and acrylic nails.

We’re so confident in our design, manufacturing and engineering processes that we offer a no-questions-asked 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. There is no doubt that the entire Podiatry Burs Australia range will stand up to the toughest Autoclave and cleaning procedures such as steam autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaning.

Tungsten Bur – Super Accurate

1 x Bur, 5 x Burs =$103.20 (Save $5.43 ), 10 x Burs =$202.06 (Save $15.21 ), 20 x Burs =$391.09 (Save $43.45 )